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New photos of Dumy

Dumy’s guardian has sent new photos:

‘Chubby Cheeks’ says:

I have my own big bed JUST FOR ME

… I can snooze safely

Can i have some privacy pleeeese….

My own home with my own human … All Mine!

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Video update of Dumy


He looks so much like Damy… they must be brothers 🙂

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Dumy in his new home

Dumy is now a home cat well loved and safe.

Photos courtesy of Anthony

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Dumy has been adopted, and Greyee Boy, too.

Sms from A:

Dumy is in one of the rooms with window mesh up. He is very relaxed at the new place, Recoice 🙂

Greyee Boy has also finally found a good home 🙂

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Cute Dumy for adoption

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Dumy, Chocolate, Jacky


Lucky Dumy will be going to a foster home and have a chance for adoption. R found him and brought him in and Q lend me her cage. Dumy’s “brother” Damy has also be sighted and Q fed him some kibbles… He had earlier escaped from Q’s home. Hope he will stay around to be fed and get better…


Chocolate’s owner is closing his shop for 2 weeks and I will feed him every evening. Someone else will be feeding him in the mornings.


I was very surprised that Jacky let me stroke him today… for the first time ever! Does he know that I only trapped him in order to bring him back and is showing his gratitude?

The family of 4 and Prince have moved from their previous feeding place because of King. This newcomer really acts like he is the King of the place and all the other cats seem scared of him.

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Dumy is a sweet boy

Dumy is very quiet now. He must have been so frightened, first abandoned then caught by Pest Control.

Poor little Dumy!

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