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Chico needs a home

Little Chico was handed to me by some children who found him. He was starving, dehydrated and had the flu. Penny took good care of him and he is all well now. Chico made friends with Orange Girl who is going to her new home soon…

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Champ & Chester let down by adopter and new abandonee found

The tiny orange kitten is only about one month plus, hungry, dehydrated and with a sore eye. Penny agreed to take him in as Tabby Boy had been adopted. Penny applied the eye ointment and he is ok now.

Last week this person still assured me that he will definitely take Chester & Champ… just wants me to hold them for one more week as he is busy with a project. Well, no reply to my sms since….

Fern has started sneezing and one eye is a little watery… giving her lysine.

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