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Flu in the mini-cattery

Bottlebrush unwell

Stitch likes his new basket

Hope that it’s just a mild one and they will recover without using antibiotics. Hmmm… the last time I said that ended up Peaches in ICU with panleukopenia.

It started with Stitches sneezing then Damy and now Bottlebrusch. Stitches is okay now and Damy is also getting better. Now Bo has lost her appetite and is having a fever, I think… hiding in the tunnel.

The Fruits seem to have resistance.

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Vesak Day

Liberate animals


caring for our strays


keeping animals off our dining table

Mettacats will be participating at Vesak celebration at Poh Ern Shih Temple and Singapore Buddhist Mission

Mettacats is a volunteer group that aims to provide care for sick and abused animals. The word “Metta” means loving kindness and the name embodies the special bond that is shared between humans and animals


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