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Rest in peace Beany


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Update on Rocky & Beany

Rocky gave me another scare last week! He was resting and then suddenly sat up and started bleeding quite heavily from his mouth… fresh red blood and there were also some blood cloths. Luckily he had no difficulty breathing and the bleeding stopped after a while. He has lost much weight but lately improving a little.

Beany also lost much weight… and poor appetite.

Started them both on Slippery Elm Bark two days ago. It seems to help with the nausea. Both need sub-q almost every day now. At a time Rocky even needed twice daily because very dehydrated.

Wish I could do more for them and hope for the wisdom to know when not to prolong their suffering!

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Beany doing well

Beany is playful and has good appetite and best of all… his belly is still not bloated with liquid! Of course there is some… but not so bad that it needs to be drained again.

The only sad part is that Beany and Darly have to take turns to be caged at night and when I am out.

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I knew I shouldn’t and couldn’t …

But how could I not take you in?

Now I am awake at 3am

Because I have no heart to cage you or Darly for the night

You are afraid of Darly… and rightly so!

Wet the bed twice because you didn’t dare go to the litter-box.

How can I keep you safe?

So many fights…so may fighters!

Somehow I took in all the “bad boys?… sigh!

But to me they are the same… don’t love them any less!

You were also one of them, used to bully One-Eye Jack

And even bite the people who feed you

Now you let me carry you and inject fluids under your skin

Your appetite has improved and you put on some weight

You are running and playing at times when you feel safe…

You probably have not much time left…

How I wish I could keep you safe from bullies and happy!

But then Darly also deserves a home after all he went through…

though I had briefly considered returning him to the street.. .

Rocky has poor appetite and lost weight…dislikes the k/d diet now.

He is still looking for trouble but no longer winning the fights.

Meanwhile another 2 community cats with terminal illness… thankfully other caregivers took them in!

I am of no use anymore….

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Might try this on R & B… as they always get restless before getting enough fluid in.

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Where to get screen doors?

Beany and Rocky both love their prescription kibbles. Beany gets fed and watered at the same time. When he is finished with his food I’ll have to stop the sub-q. He is getting only about 60ml that way but at least something… Rocky is easier to handle and I can usually give him the full 100ml.

Had been considering releasing Beany and Darly as they are now caged most of the time. There had been a big fight between Darly and Ashley. I have quite a number of trouble makers… every night have to ‘jump’ out of bed once or twice to break up fights. No wonder my back doesn’t get better!

Suddenly, today I thought that if I could get some kind of screen doors then the dining area could be made into a separate room.

Anyone knows someone who can make such screen doors at low cost? Nothing fancy… just wooden frame with plastic mesh or metal… whatever is cheaper! As long as it keeps the cats separated and allows for ventilation.

Any contact or advise is greatly appreciated!

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Beany’s X-ray

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June 28, 2011 · 12:30 pm

Rocky and Beany both have kidney disease



Rocky has the higher BUN/CRE values but Beany’s case is even worse as there is a large amount of fluid between one of his kidneys and its lining. His intestines have all been pushed to the back. His tummy was like a tight balloon… must feel very uncomfortable. X-ray was taken and showed that it could be either fluid or tumors. In the end the vet agreed to try draining fluid…

It worked and at least this will give him some temporary relief. He is still a bit drowsy and nauseous… vomited some liquid.

Both should be on kd diet… and need frequent subcut fluid injections to flush the kidneys.

Almost lost Rocky after alighting from the bus. He escaped from the soft carrier… which I had used for the first time. Guess I didn’t close the zip properly. He went under a car and I grabbed him as he came out on the other side…. phew!

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Beany to the vet

Beany has been loosing weight and now his tummy is bloated and seems painful. He always drinks alot. Suspecting kidney failure…

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Beany has been neemed

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Thirsty Beany

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September 3, 2009 · 6:42 am

Beany & One Eye Jack

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