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Cats missing from Block *28

Missing since last Friday afternoon

Missing since Friday June 25 noon

The second cat is a tabby/white. He has a special V-shaped tail and is shy and timid.

Both cats belong to residents of Blk *28. They are sterilized males but the b/w cat’s ear is not tipped.

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Dusty and Bunny missing

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Three cats lost in two weeks

All are from Area-1 and gone missing within the last 2 weeks!

If only these people knew how much suffering they cause by relocating a cat or kitten… who are likely to suffer a slow death by starvation and sickness.

Plus the suffering caused to their fellow human beings who cared for these abandoned pets. Can they not imagine the pain of losing of a loved one? At least when we know that a cat had died in an accident there can be closure…. we know they are not suffering anymore.


Rex had arrived sickly and malnourished. M, myself and feeder F watched over him during the past months. They even kept reminding me not to get him sterilized as he may still be too weak. I always carried RC kitten kibbles and Fussy Cat tuna just for him… so he would eat more.

Roxy & Kitten

The little nameless tabby kitten was cared for by M and myself. We made sure she gets 2 meals every day. Every time I felt much joy and relief on seeing her. Too many dangers out there for a little innocent kitten!


Roxy had a growth in her eye and I brought her to the vet with M sponsoring the medical fees… then took her in and administered medication and eye drops until she was well enough to be released.

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Noisy Joe missing

Only saw his brother Alex…

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Lucky went missing

Lucky has been missing for almost a week now…

Now there are only 2 cats left at blk *78 area 3. First the Orange-white tipped ear went missing, then Fury and now Lucky. Sylvia has lost another 3 sterilised cats at around *72. We suspect that someone removed the cats.

With all my cats gone…I have decided to give up on the area under this RC. Sylvia will still continue to feed Anna’s cats ET and TT on alternate days.

Plenty of new cats been dumped in other areas! A tabby-white 5 to 6 months old female kitten appeared a few days ago. Noticed yesterday that she has diarrhoea and gave her ¼ charcoal tablet. A 6 to 7 months old chocolate-white boy was abandoned about a week ago at the same area…. 2 new adult cats at another area, one of them was already tipped. The chocolate boy is very cute, will try to get him adopted after sterilisation.

So much sorrow…and add to that an adopter who turned very nasty when I insist that the now 6-month-old kitten needs to be sterilised. I even offered to pick him up and do everything for her after I realized her reluctance and was given many excuses…even telling me the vet advised her to have him sterilised at the age of 8 to 10 months. Now, she says that she will do him next month and again told me that he is now her cat and to mind my own business. Yes, she did sign the adoption contract agreeing to have the kitten sterilised at the age of 6 months.

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Several cats gone missing

Silvester has been missing for over a week…He was always around block *41 area 3 together with his best buddy Billy Boy. Onyx is missing from *26 area 1. Anna lost one Black Boy at *52, and Sylvia lost a Ginger-white at *78 area.

Hope they are well wherever they are… I am also sad for Billy Boy having lost both of his good friends, first Babu and now Sylvester.

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SPCA not accepting tippped-ear cats from pest control companies

Called again today to report the loss of Stitches. Spoke to another lady this time and was again told that they accept all cats (including those with tipped-ears) from pest control companies…even telling me that this is the new procedure.

The Shelter Manager later said that they would not accept tipped ear cats from pest control but SPCA would accept the non-tipped cats. Let’s hope this info is passed on to the volunteers manning the telephone lines…

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No questions asked…

Just found out today that SPCA accepts cats from pest control without questions asked! This makes it very difficult to identify and claim such cats …especially if it’s very common colour…

Rainy has been missing for about 4 days now and I also have not seen Windy around for the past 3 days. Called YJC today since they don’t reply to my emails. The good news is that they do not engage the pest control to remove cats; in fact the maintenance officer said that they have their own 4 ‘wild’ cats, which they have sent for sterilization. He mentioned that many other cats come looking for food and those will be chased away after they had their meal.

Black Boy is back from the vet and eating his second helping of wet food 🙂

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The mysterious disappearance of cats in area 2

My suspicion that that residents have been calling in the pest control to remove cats has been confirmed. Many sterilized cats have disappeared in the area between block *02 and *24. Both TC and RC said that they did not remove them and none of the cats showed up at AVA.

A resident of that area, a Indian man named John, told me yesterday that there is a group of ‘cat-haters’ who take things into their own hands…but he claimed not to know their names and where they stay just pointing to a few blocks. I have a feeling he knows them…or maybe he is one of them.

I feel like giving up on this area…but what about all the sterilised cats… Darly, Shredder, One Eye Ginger, Lizzy, Beany, Little Grey, Ginger-White Boy, Lora, Sore Throat, Jade, Jake, Stitches, Lady Jane, Steel and Doppelganger? Then there is Pearl and her kittens, Muddy and the new ginger-white male…

The sterilised cats that have disappeared are:

Shadow blk *02

Patchy blk *11

Louis blk *07

Grey Long-Tail Tabby blk *12

Pearl’s son blk *18

Pearl’s daughter blk *18

Max blk *24

Felix blk *07

Light Ginger blk *14

Shredder’s son Howie blk *03

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Is the school trapping?

The Resident from blk *28 area 1 mentioned that Baby and ‘her cats? would go under the fence and into the compound of the School, which is just next to this block.

This news had me worried…I have been wondering for some time why several sterilized cats from this block have disappeared over the past 2 years…could the school have something to do with this? Some weeks back I had written an email to the principal explaining about the TNRM programme and the missing community cats who may have entered the school grounds which is right next to blk *28. I emailed again about two weeks later …did not receive any reply to my enquiry as to whether they trap the cats!

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