Still in the dark…

Ashley is now on Zitromax… and still not much improvement. Three months of high fever, fast breathing, poor appetite and weak legs. He also keeps losing weight…

I will probably not continue further treatment… which would be biopsy of of all his organs.

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  1. So sorry to hear Ashley’s condition has not improved much 😦 Will keep him and you in my prayers… Do take care.

  2. Three months of high fever? What did the vet says?

  3. Thanks Julie, he needs the prayers! Tried all the different antibiotics…. none worked. Blood tests and x-ray… show nothing abnormal. 2x ultrasound show slightly enlaeged kidneys, inflamed pancreas and enlarged lymph node. Dr. Goh thinks that the lymph node is not large enough to indicate cancer. Today Dr Goh discussed with Dr. Dennis Choy… and he wants to do a spinal tap to see if there is inflamation or cancer cells in the spinal cord. I think I will have to go ahead with that… it should be quite safe, done by Dr. Choy.

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