Please mesh windows!

Your cat may not be that lucky…

Manja is expected to make a full recovery… no organ or nerve damage!

Total vet bill: $7.324,-

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0 responses to “Please mesh windows!

  1. Manja looks like my Dana. Can you please check if he has other cats that fall off his window? Thanks.

  2. Hi Mary, he has only this one cat and he stays in a different part of Yishun, far away from where Dana was found!

  3. Update from Manja’a owner that the stitches have been removed and she is doing very well but still needs to be confined for the time being.

  4. Crystal and LK visited Manja last week. She has fully recovered from her injuries and the owners have now meshed all the windows.

  5. That is good news. If only the windows were meshed; S$7K would not have been spent and the poor cat need not suffer 😦

  6. So true… but al least she is safe now.

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