Appeal for Manja who fell from 7th storey

We managed to find the owner and they showed their love and concern for their cat… and also agreed to mesh all their windows. They have settled the bill at AMK and payed $800,- down payment at Mt Pleasant Hospital… where the surgery will be done by Dr. Dennis Choi. The problem is that they can’t really afford the estimated $6.000,- payment for Manja’s surgery.

The sum of $4.000,- needs to be payed before they start on the surgery… which would be in 2 or 3 days time… when she has more stabilized… there is also injury to the lungs.

In order to save the cat’s life Crystal (who found the injured cat) LK and myself have agreed to give $1.000,- each, although it’s hard on LK and myself. One of my own needs to go for surgery soon… My friend AB is also contributing $300.- .

I hope that more people will find it in their heart to help Manja. She is very sweet and only 6 months old. Manja is now at Mt Pleasant Whitley Road registered under Manje, owner Azman.

Manja has 2 broken legs… one with the bone sticking out and her hip is also broken. They were unable to do this kind of surgery at AMK.

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  1. The surgery will be tomorrow! Manja is doing well and the vets believe that there is no damage to any of her organs. I will later scan the bills… and update photos of Manja. Another $100 came in from one of Crystal’s colleague and I am also expecting a cheque from E.

  2. Surgery was done and she is doing well! Crystal received another contribution of $50.-

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