Yoyo has been removed

…due to complaint from a resident who claims his child is allergic to fur.

Please contact me if anyone can give this lovely boy a home or alternatively sponsor his stay at a cattery. He was probably abandoned by a resident. of Blk *20. Several residents kept feeding him upstairs for the past few years…. a habit that is difficult to stop and often leads to removal!

I will not be able to take Yoyo in! My home has now 3 iron gates to separate groups and reduce fighting and spraying. Don’t know how I ever managed without them!

Even Shale had to be released back after he recovered from amputation of toes.. Have to try keep my sanity and find time for cat-sitting.


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0 responses to “Yoyo has been removed

  1. Penny said this afternoon she had removed this cat as no one wanted to volounteer for the job. And as she has no room to house the removed cat, she had passed the cat to the TC, is this true?

  2. Agreement with Penny was that I look for either adopter or sponsor for cattery for Yoyo… which I did. I had in fact found someone willing to sponsor when Penny said on Sat. March 3rd that she had passed the cat to TC. According to reliable source no cat was passed to TC! Penny and Susan took the cat on Feb. 28th and then told me there was a complaint. If she couldn’t wait 4 days she should have at least have the courtesy to inform me!

  3. I met her at the vet on 6 March and this is what she told me šŸ˜¦

  4. Hi Elaine,I got the following info which I think is reliable: “If you need more info of Yoyo. I can ask my friend if she can pass me the contact.Following is what she sent to me :Jus spoke to her, she relocated the cat to sembawang , her place n is well taken care of. She has trained the cat to stay there now,she She also said i can visit the cat if i want to , jus hv to call her ..”

  5. Hi HelgaThanks for the info on Yoyo’s status. Relieved that he is okay. So she is still an outdoor community cat?

  6. Yes Elaine, and I also felt very relieved… better than have him confined at a cattery šŸ™‚ Another good news is that Metta is also safe. Cat Uncle couldn’t find her for 3 weeks… Then a few days ago I spotted her outside a shop. An Indian shopkeeper took a liking to her and is taking good care of her.

  7. Double good news indeed. Hope they both stay safe and loved.

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