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Soft edges

I made this… too heavy!

Made by LK… just perfect!

Stoney uses the edge of the E-collar to rub the sore on his leg until it bleeds. Also applying some Chinese herbal powder.

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Brenda Is now able to empty her bladder without assistance most of the time…

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Beany doing well

Beany is playful and has good appetite and best of all… his belly is still not bloated with liquid! Of course there is some… but not so bad that it needs to be drained again.

The only sad part is that Beany and Darly have to take turns to be caged at night and when I am out.

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Naughty Ginger hospitalized

The feeder said that he could not pass motion and had not eaten for several days…. He was actually unable to urinate and looked quite ill.

LK took him home over night and next morning we went to the vet together because I also had to bring Rocky.

Naughty Ginger has been catheterized and will have to be hospitalised until he can be released… the vet will give the long-lasting antibiotic injection.

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It was touch-and-go

Dehydrated even though given sub-q twice a day, not eating nor drinking, crying when touched and very lethargic. Vet gave antibiotics and painkiller and said I should consider PTS if no improvement in a few days time.

Now he is slowly improving… started eating and drinking. Hopefully he can pull through! Be strong Rocky!

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And Meow makes four

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Mother and 2 kittens

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