What’s happening in Area 2?

So many cats with big wounds… all from area 2! Shredder is a senior cat, estimated to be about 13 years old now. She should not be out on the street… surely the wound would get infected! Thankfully LK is helping in Area 2! She agreed to take her in… unless Shredder makes a lot of noise, in which case I will take over. I got the antibiotics, cream, wash and E-collar… hope no vet visit needed this time.

LK’s house is also full… she just took in a newly abandoned mother with 5 kittens (3 day old)… sigh!

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  1. Shredder went for stitching at AAVC today…. will discharge her tomorrow and at the same time bring Darly to have the lump at the side of his belly checked.

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