Where to get screen doors?

Beany and Rocky both love their prescription kibbles. Beany gets fed and watered at the same time. When he is finished with his food I’ll have to stop the sub-q. He is getting only about 60ml that way but at least something… Rocky is easier to handle and I can usually give him the full 100ml.

Had been considering releasing Beany and Darly as they are now caged most of the time. There had been a big fight between Darly and Ashley. I have quite a number of trouble makers… every night have to ‘jump’ out of bed once or twice to break up fights. No wonder my back doesn’t get better!

Suddenly, today I thought that if I could get some kind of screen doors then the dining area could be made into a separate room.

Anyone knows someone who can make such screen doors at low cost? Nothing fancy… just wooden frame with plastic mesh or metal… whatever is cheaper! As long as it keeps the cats separated and allows for ventilation.

Any contact or advise is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Shocked that 3 metal screen doors cattery-style would cost $2,250.-. Was told that wood with plastic mesh would cost even more as more labour involved… sigh! Have to think of another solution …

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