Cat still in the tree

SPCA now unable to rescue the cat as she is now even higher up the tree. The owners managed to get a rope over some branches and attached a basket. I guess it did not work as I saw the mattress was still there when I passed by later.

The family seems reluctant to hire a cherry picker, saying it would be the last resort. Hope they don’t wait too long….

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  1. Poor kitty. Once I tried to call the fire department but they said they didn’t do animal rescue.

  2. The owner has contacted the man with the cherry picker… but he is in Malaysia coming back only tonight. Hope the cat can hang on until tomorrow…

  3. Seems the cat managed to come down today. They had left the basket up in the tree with bowls of food and water. She must have climbed lower and went into the basket because the food was eaten and there were some cat hairs in the bowl. The owner thinks that she must have jumped onto a high van that was parked next to the tree. She is still lost… probably hiding in the drain. Hiring the cherry picker would have cost $250.-

  4. Oh, thanks. I am thinking if a net gun will work.

  5. There may be a risk that the cat falls if using net or net gun in such situation.

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