Darly the top cat

Only Hope, Ashley, Damy and Billy will challenge him while the rest of the gang respect Darly. Maybe they are intimidated by his scars or his large built…

Darly has not been in the same room with Billy Boy and Damy yet… but there has been lots of screaming and fighting through the little gap in the balcony door… always initiated by Darly.

On the other hand he can be a very scaredy cat… When people come to the door or even when my son walks by he will hide under the bed. Maybe some bad memories from his 5 years as a community cat? He still comes running when I jingle my bunch of keys.

Darly can eat huge amounts! He did have tape worm but has since been dewormed twice. Not only am I worried that he balloons but that the balloon could then burst as his skin has already been stretched to the limit. He does get second helpings but still wants more…


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