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Cat trapped on the roof

Two cats were trapped on the roof which goes around the building at first floor level when part of the roof was cut (probably for lift upgrading). The cats used to enter the roof via first floor staircase and gap in the wall. Now this part of the roof has been demolished!

The young male cat was able to jump down on the third day… but I think the female won’t dare to jump. I managed to place some food and water on the edge of the roof but she was too scared to come close to the edge. The man from SPCA had a ladder and went up onto the roof but failed to catch her. He advised to place food near the gap on the first floor. She could actually walk over a narrow piece of metal to reach the gap… but she is just too scared!

Was discussing with Sylvia about informing TC and have the workers place a plank over the gap in the roof… but somehow we have no confidence in TC and especially that particular property officer.

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New female sterilised

She has been around for some time but I just couldn’t cope. Lucky it was not too late… she was on heat!

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Rest in Peace Orange Boy

Orange Boy

Orange Boy passed away on Tuesday morning

Gone so suddenly

Missed so much

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I’ll send him to SPCA!

Met Chocolate’s owner and he said that he is going to send Chocolate to SPCA because he is going on holiday for 2 months. When I told him that this will most likely be the end for Chocolate … he looked unbelieving and said “Killed ahh?… Then I give you food and you feed him for me”.

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Prayers for Orange Boy

Noticed a 1cm spot that was not there the day before. Looked to me like an abscess going to burst. Brought Orange Boy to see Dr Goh at Mt Pleasant this morning. Shaving revealed bluish purplish legs… infection! Something must have gone terribly wrong somewhere….

Orange Boy also has high fever and his kidneys are failing… high creatine levels and high potassium. Hopes of recovery are slim… but they will try to flush by putting him on drip and inserting catheter again.

My feeling is that there is internal urine leakage…

May I have the wisdom to do what is best for Orange Boy!

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Flowers from my daughter and herbs from LK

I have suffered from insomnia for so long that I have forgotten how it feels to sleep through the night. So tired all the time…

Really hope this works! Yesterday night I took half a tranquilizer tablet left over from OB’s medication and went to bed… but then the phone rang. LK said she can hear One-Eye Jack softly meowing inside the power room. So I got up and cycled to Blk *03. The cleaning supervisor came to open the door but there was no cat. LK must have been mistaken…sigh!

I have put up Missing Cat Posters around the area.

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