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Ah Girl knew better than us…

Exit impossible

Road Runner went onto the roof again yesterday night. I saw him enter the roof through this gap.

This morning LK saw him trying to get back through the narrow gap… he couldn’t! In the end she managed to pull him through. The problem is that the gap is now about 50cm above the ledge so I guess the body shape is different when jumping up! When the roof was there the cats could simply walk through the gap as it was level with the roof. Maybe Ah Girl had also tried and got stuck…

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Persian for adoption

This Persian cat was abandoned. LK thought he was lost and took him in.

Today she saw a Chinese couple with cat-food. They seemed to be looking for a cat. LK was very happy until they told her that they didn’t want the cat back because he urinated on the son’s bed. They just came to give him some food…

The cat is very friendly and uses the litter tray. He will be sterilised before adoption.

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Noisy Tabby to be released

The diarrhoea has finally stopped….

Cute but Very Noisy!!! She has already a sore throat from all that crying… and me sleepless nights.

Noisy Tabby is from the same block where Thor was removed last October… and 3 others went missing around the same time.

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Chocolate has a facial wound

Met the owner on my way back from cat-sitting. He said the cat has been fighting again.. how much is the powder? I said never mind I have some… He insisted I take $20.- Is it serious? I asked. No, no…not serious!

Passed by the mamak shop to check… looks quite bad! Chocolate is not the friendliest… he cannot be pilled! Gave him some wet food with antibiotics mixed in… and quickly dabbed some powder on the wound!

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6th day on the roof…

Lift upgrading… a part of the roof has been cut and Ah Girl is now trapped on the roof.

Finally she went to the edge where I had placed some food and water.

The cats used to enter the roof through this narrow gap on the second floor…

Ah Girl could still reach the ledge by walking over the metal part or jumping… but I guess she is too scared. Placed some food there to tempt her.

Road Runner managed to get off the roof on the 3rd day.

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Thor found after seven months

Thor went missing in October last year. Found him today far from where he was lost (removed).

I was informed about an unsterilized cat in another neighbourhood. When I saw this photo taken by TC officer I thought this could be Thor…

Went to check today and it is Thor! Exact marking and same injured toe. He also has patchy fur and can’t eat again. Something wrong with his throat or flu? The feeder says he had not been eating for the past few days. He also did not touch the food I offered.

Don’t know what to do… he was very difficult to handle when I took him in previously when he was sick!

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Orange Boy’s resting place

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