Ten days on the roof!

Was told that SPCA will do trapping only during day time… all the feeders feel that she won’t come during the day as this central area is a very busy place.

So I collected my trap yesterday, which I had lent to someone, and prepared to set it up on the roof. Luckily my son was free to help and the nearby 24hr shop kindly lend their ladder.

We waited from around midnight until 6am. Ah Girl went to the trap a few times but did not enter… even though I used strong-smelling cat food topped with Party Treats and replaced it after 3 hours….

Was too tired to go for the balloting today but LK went and and also spoke to them about the cat on the roof. Seems they are now willing to set the trap at night.

Ah Girl had no food for 2 days now, only water but she may have eaten one or two morsels at the entrance of the trap…

Hope she is hungry enough to enter the trap tonight!

Spoke to the tenant of the 2nd floor beauty shop about leaving the window and door open for the cat to escape. He gave me his number but said he would have to talk to the owner “who is a nice man”…

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  1. Beauty shop opened window and door for a while she went up onto the window ledge ate a few kibbles and went back onto the roof… sigh!SPCA tried to net her again… she ran! Then he fixed a plank about 40cm below the roof and I placed large heap of food on it and a little dollop on the edge of the roof. The idea is that she will jump on the plank and from there to the ground.

  2. dear dear ah Girl, what will entice you to come down after more than 10 days?

  3. Sylvia still saw her on the roof this morning. Will put up the trap again tonight… she must be very hungry by now!

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