6th day on the roof…

Lift upgrading… a part of the roof has been cut and Ah Girl is now trapped on the roof.

Finally she went to the edge where I had placed some food and water.

The cats used to enter the roof through this narrow gap on the second floor…

Ah Girl could still reach the ledge by walking over the metal part or jumping… but I guess she is too scared. Placed some food there to tempt her.

Road Runner managed to get off the roof on the 3rd day.


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0 responses to “6th day on the roof…

  1. Oh no, Ah Girl’s still up there? hope no heavy rains.RR looking smart.

  2. There was heavy rains :(LK said she didn’t see her this morning… hope Ah Girl managed to get down from the roof!

  3. She is still on the roof.

  4. She is definitely not coming down herself, too frightened to use anything.Need a helping hand from SPCA again. too bad fireman there don’t attend to desperate kitty calls.

  5. Will arrange with SPCA tonight. My plan is to feed her at the edge of the roof… then the SPCA trapper will have to use the net. Ya… fireman and police will push such cases to SPCA.

  6. Almost… good attempt! They will place a trap on the roof tomorrow night.

  7. SPCA manager does not allow placing trap on the roof at night. I don’t think Ah Girl will come out during the day time… Went down with my daughter at 10pm and for 2 hours we tried various ways to get her down… nothing worked. Will be getting my cat-trap back tomorrow and plan to tie it securely onto the roof at night… and then just wait! Managed to borrow a tall ladder. If she doesn’t go in then I will not feed her and let SPCA try on Wednesday during the day.

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