Cat trapped on the roof

Two cats were trapped on the roof which goes around the building at first floor level when part of the roof was cut (probably for lift upgrading). The cats used to enter the roof via first floor staircase and gap in the wall. Now this part of the roof has been demolished!

The young male cat was able to jump down on the third day… but I think the female won’t dare to jump. I managed to place some food and water on the edge of the roof but she was too scared to come close to the edge. The man from SPCA had a ladder and went up onto the roof but failed to catch her. He advised to place food near the gap on the first floor. She could actually walk over a narrow piece of metal to reach the gap… but she is just too scared!

Was discussing with Sylvia about informing TC and have the workers place a plank over the gap in the roof… but somehow we have no confidence in TC and especially that particular property officer.


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