Prayers for Orange Boy

Noticed a 1cm spot that was not there the day before. Looked to me like an abscess going to burst. Brought Orange Boy to see Dr Goh at Mt Pleasant this morning. Shaving revealed bluish purplish legs… infection! Something must have gone terribly wrong somewhere….

Orange Boy also has high fever and his kidneys are failing… high creatine levels and high potassium. Hopes of recovery are slim… but they will try to flush by putting him on drip and inserting catheter again.

My feeling is that there is internal urine leakage…

May I have the wisdom to do what is best for Orange Boy!

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0 responses to “Prayers for Orange Boy

  1. Orange Boy is weak, pale and dehydrated. The red spot has become a large opening….

  2. Sending good wishes for Orange Boy. Pray that he wouldn’t suffer much.

  3. Thanks you, Catsandpandas! Orange Boy passed away on Tuesday morning. Miss him very much….

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