Eating Babies

By M. Butterflies Katz

A shocking selfishness surrounds everywhere
as brainwashed people show that they do not care
that an infant satisfies their appetite.
They eat someone’s baby with utter delight.

When a waitress asks, ‘Would you like lamb or veal?’
It is someone’s child that you choose for your meal.
It’s not even disguised, so what’s the excuse
for partaking in this cruel form of abuse?

The disturbing fact of what the masses eat
is covered up by words that make it discreet.
No masked name has been given to ‘lamb’, like ‘pork’,
People eat babies with a knife and a fork.

If an alien came and visited Earth,
craving to eat the child to which you gave birth,
You’d see it otherwise; the way animals see.
You would abhor the slaughtering industry.

Culture and tradition are, in part, to blame,
but we’re humans, not robots, who CAN feel shame.
Take the first step to awaken your senses,
and boycott this practice of false pretenses.

This barbaric custom simply makes no sense,
and certainly has no ethical defense.
Eating a baby without even a thought;
A lie well told and sold that humanity bought.

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