Brenda in grave condition

Brenda was found with her pelvis completely shattered and extensive damage to the base of her spine. She is now undergoing surgery at Companion Animal Surgery at Boon Teck Road.

Old photo of Brenda:

Brenda, a community cat at Novena, had been missing for almost 2 weeks. I just got an email form the caregiver:

I found Brenda but unfortunately she has been quite badly hurt. Her pelvis has been completely shattered and she has suffered quite extensive damage to the base of her spine and tail and is unable to urinate or defecate on her own. Fortunately she hasn’t suffered any damage to her kidneys but the vet can’t guarantee that her nerve endings will heal sufficiently that she will be able to go to the toilet on her own again.

She is being operated on Tuesday morning, please keep her in your prayers.”


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  1. Operation went well. They have pinned the base of her tail back but had to amputate the stump. Only time will tell if the nerves heal. Will visit her tomorrow.

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