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Orange Boy catheterized

Orange Boy is hospitalized at Acacia. He didn’t eat on his own but took some syringed wet food. His tummy looks bloated to me… will ask the vet tomorrow.

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A little Ballerina

Her movements are so delicate, like a dancer’s… like my Peaches.

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Orange Boy trying to pee

Noticed it first this morning and gave antibiotics, acidifier, cranberry and syringed some liquid… still unable to pass urine.

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Temple Kitten tipped

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April 23, 2011 · 11:31 am

Naughty Darly!

Some of the stitches came undone and bandage was chewed… so Darly has to wear the E-collar! Seems the wound has shrunk a little…

Giving Darly Propolis with flax-seed oil and Appelin every day. Nushi and Stoney get the same cocktail. Stoney also still has to wear the E-collar. Maybe the rash is not healing because every day I remove the collar for some time to let him do his grooming? Stoney has just completed another course of antibiotics, pred and a different cream.

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Dark Tuna

The dark meat of tuna is known to contain high levels of mercury! I always remove these bits …but lately there are huge chunks of it. Time to boycott!!!

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Latest bill for LSD

This bill of $665.65 is for the second stitching at Mt. Pleasant. Lucky Star Darly still has an open wound about the size of my palm and two smaller ones.

Received another contribution for LSD ($100 from F)

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