Update on Darly aka Lucky Star

When I told LK that another $600,- came in she said “You must keep him and change his name to Lucky Star!” It’s really amazing… first that he can survive this terrible infection and then that people come forward to sponsor without me having asked anyone personally for help or having tagged facebook friends. I even had reservations of putting out a CWS appeal… but in the end no choice!

Now it looks like most of the vet bill can be covered… sigh of relief! The bills can be seen at the CWS Appeal for Darly http://www.catwelfare.org/node/4036 The latest bill will be scanned soon.

The latest bill for partial stitching is $665.- after a special discount. There is still an opening about the size of my palm. Will try to do the bandaging on my own now and LK thinks that the Propolis will make the wound heal on its own… so hopefully no need to pay another $400 for the final stitching. Lucky Star Darly is a little listless today and has poor appetite… but this is probably the aftereffect of the GA

I wonder why he is now given antibiotics, painkiller and iron tablets? After his first discharge he did not have to take any medication!

Update on sponsorship:

$600,- were sponsored by a different E and $100,- by S


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  1. We did the bandaging… on the kitchen sink. I was very nervous and my daughter keeps saying that it looks so raw… like raw chicken!

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