Darly has been stitched

Shocked… another bill of $700.- and a final $400,- expected for closing the wound completely in about 10 days time! An estimate of $2.000,- turns out to be around $4.000.- at the end!

Me feeling sick and very tired… flu and high fever. Luckily my daughter was around to help with feeding and clearing litter trays this evening. Went to bed at 10pm yesterday but gave up trying to sleep at 3am and slowly did all the work that needed to be done…. then lied down for 2 hours before picking up Darly from hospital.


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0 responses to “Darly has been stitched

  1. Be well Helga.As to vet consultations in future, perhaps you might want to reconsider your options. :o)

  2. Thank you, I think you understand my situation! Will see if the wound can close on its own. No more rescuing for me after this! Income from catsitting is not enough to feed my 22…

  3. Yes I understand. I dare not imagine too much when the day comes that I’m not even able to help those at home when they need me. Actually i think it is already happening..The middle path, just keep trying what we can do within our means only. Sigh!

  4. Oh… so sorry to hear that! Seems we both have to let go and try our best to care for those we have at home 😦

  5. Hope some day we are better financially.

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