And another broken toe…

Darly in a blue cocoon today. I guess he must feel hot with all that bandaging so I keep the fan on him all the time.

Last year I broke my second toe. It healed on it’s own.. just a little crooked now. Walking was painful for a long time. Today I broke my little toe…it sticked out sideways. Hope the tape will keep it in normal position.


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0 responses to “And another broken toe…

  1. Why and how do u keep breaking toes??? Will pass u more tape when i’m back…

  2. The hazzard of flip-flops! First time slipped while walking in the rain with slippery slippers… this time scraped the wall while cycling. Now the toe is all blue-black.

  3. Hmmm… Will see if i can some more medical supplies from work..

  4. No need… It will heal by itself! Hardly any pain today 🙂

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