Injured cat in the letter box

Sms from cleaning supervisor: Please come to blk *26 a cat run in the letter box body with blood.

I called M… and luckily she was just downstairs! So we went together.. not sure what to expect. First we saw the pool of blood behind the letter box then the Persian cat who had jumped into one of the boxes when the postman had opened the back. I quickly went to get my carrier while M watched the cat. M then used some paper to push the cat from the other side of the letter box to make her walk into the carrier.

Brought her to the nearby vet who suspected a fall. He also said that probably one of her front legs and one of her back legs are fractured. Luckily the jaw was not broken. The vet also scanned her and found a microchip. The blood was from the mouth/nose. Brought her home for observation and to decide on the further treatment. She looked alert and could even walk.

Put up notices and then decided to check on the units right above the letter boxes. I found the owner on the 5th floor. Yes, one of their 2 cats was missing… they described the collar and bell correctly but didn’t know that she had a microchip. They said they would bring her for x-ray and necessary treatment. I think both cats are not sterilized… sigh! The other cat is the daughter of the one that fell.

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