White Tara


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0 responses to “THE 21 TARAS

  1. May Tara protect us… that whe stay haealthy and have a long life. I wish for my cats to go before me…

  2. It is not for us to decide; our karma, our fate, God’s plan – it is all decided including that of our animal family 🙂 Be Happy 🙂

  3. Mary, you have strong faith and believe!

  4. It is not faith nor believe; it is reality 🙂 How many of us are known to have cheated death; or prolonged death 🙂 Even great teachers, gurus, priests and even The Dalai Lama will have to die one day. But if one believe in reincarnation, we know they will return again; so it is like we have die so many times and reborn so many times.

  5. Still so many doubts… regarding rebirth, even individual karma… sigh! :(The only thing that I am quite sure is that life = suffering! We muddle along with good intentions but in the end may cause more harm than good… I had irregular heartbeat for the past few months ( it seems to have settled now) which started me thinking of what will become of the cats (21 now with Hope) when I am gone or unable to provide any longer….

  6. i think when the time comes for us to leave; we just have to hope other caregivers, friends, supporters, welfare groups and our families will group in to help our animals. We can only do so much; and i have to agree; sometimes our good intention may indeed not be the best. We think they are the best based on our own perception; what we want and hope; so if others were to have a different view point, we feel offended because we cannot accept others point of view 🙂 When death comes, we just have to learn to let go; of course sometimes we are hinted e.g from our illness, discomfort, intuition etc. So that would be a good time to plan for our animals that in the event of sudden death; everything would have already been arranged.Death comes to all, so please do not worry. Just do our best when we are alive that at the end of our journey there will be no room for regret. i live by this thought 🙂

  7. Life is indeed suffering, that is very true. i think be it karma, rebirth etc; just let it go for we still have to live our life believing or not believing 🙂 As long as we live life not harming; intentionally or not intentionally; and with good motivation in wanting to benefit others; the rest does not really matter.

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Yes, we can only do so much and have to let go when the time comes. Meanwhile we can be happy and sad at the same time…”Just do our best and no regrets”… I like that 🙂

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