Nush not eating again

No choice… need to syringe-feed! I have been trying all the tricks to get her to eat.

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0 responses to “Nush not eating again

  1. Insert a Panaxnotoginseng pill inside a pill pocket will do the trick. 😉

  2. Any Brand or just ask for Panaxnotoginseng pill? I doubt she will take the pill pocket but I could put it into a capsule and give to her.

  3. For Panaxnotoginseng, any brand. Panaxnotoginseng is available in capsule form. But it comes in big bot. $S20+ in Pearl Ctr. If you want a pill or two, I can give a few pills to you.

  4. Or you can shaft some yogurt into its mouth. It will get hungry later.

  5. Ah yes, I will try yogurt first. That should also be good for her tummy.

  6. Nush is sneezing… maybe that is the cause of her not wanting to eat! Oki is worst… Snoopy also sneezing – flu virus going round… sigh!

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