Something is very wrong with the cats!

Ashley is the worst…. throwing up any syringed liquid or food and also dehydrated, I think. Growling!

There was some vomiting during the past few days… but didn’t know who and everybody was still eating.

Sasha and Damy have not been eating today and both vomited.Sasha meowed loudly when I placed the food in front of her and didn’t even sniff the food. Damy feels a bit warm.

Will bring Ashley to Whitley Road Hospital tomorrow…

Anyone has any idea what could be wrong with them? I thought Ashley might have a blockage but now with the other two having symptoms this seems unlikely.

All 3 cats are now caged for observation.

I feel very panicky and can’t think straight! Could it be the food? But all the cats have been eating the same things…


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0 responses to “Something is very wrong with the cats!

  1. Ash drank quite a lot of water and it stayed in… he looks a bit more lively now.

  2. I hope they all get better! Only time I had something like this was when I accidentally brought a virus home from the shelter I volunteer at and they all slowly got sick. They all recovered after taking medicine, I had to syringe feed every 4 hours… it was awful! I hope your guys are okay!

  3. Thanks, Jonela! You may be right that it is a virus… can’t be the food!

  4. Oki and Ike not eating… and I had just dewormed Ike because I thought he was ok… sigh!

  5. Ya , sounds like some viral gastroenteritis …

  6. I think the worst is over… all recovered quite fast. Now Mirko is sneezing…

  7. Glad to hear it’s all over finally!

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