Copper not eating again…

Hope passed only a small amount of watery poo today after his dinner. Will stick with chicken and oats diet for him.

Copper ate half a can of Liver Feast with antibiotics and prednisolone mixed into the food. Surprised that she ate, …must have been starving! She is very thin again… will have to bring her to the vet for another steroid injection.


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  1. Copper is eating well… but only the mushy Liver Feast! Saw her inflamed gums… Hope eating 2nd and 3rd rounds and no more poo so far.

  2. Copper went to the vet today and had his injection. There were still ulcers at the back of her mouth. Vet advised to continue the antibiotics for another 3 days. She is eating so well now, two small cans a day… but only the Liver Feast! Tried to mix in some Avoderm… but nope, we don’t like that! Will probably release her on Sunday night and pass a box of the Fancy Feast to the feeder.

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