My computer under attack

… from malware, trojan…. and cats!

Not sure what to do about the viruses…. I updated the Antivirus but still will have to get someone to do repair.

But at least the cat-protection is up! The Avoderm box fits just nicely over the computer screen. Someone had actually sprayed on the adapter and it blew up…sigh! The screen had also been sprayed on!


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0 responses to “My computer under attack

  1. We found a big discarded cardboard box and used it to cover the entire works too, the monitor, wires, cpu, keyboard and all, as our lovely cats hv a history of spraying on our poor computer repeatedly. Then we covered the box with plastic sheets and newspaper, haha… so even the box is protected as the spraying still happens on and off 🙂

  2. Haha…so I am not the only one with naughty cats 🙂 I also spray vinegar on stuff.

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