Dinner for 20

Today it’s 2 cans of human-grade tuna (This is the only one with no salt added. Others have high salt content … not suitable for cats!), pumpkin, oats, wheat-grass, cranberry extract and 4 cans of Fussie Cat and some Avoderm Kibbles and Katzenflocken.

Nush wants her food served on paper and some Fancy Feast kibbles and Ocean Fish Feast have been added to her portion. I am still looking for small-sized and thin kibbles of better quality for Nush. Had a sample of Eagle Pro Chicken & Rice and she quite liked it.


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0 responses to “Dinner for 20

  1. hi, where’d u buy fussie cat canned food for cheaper price? and where’d u get cranberry extract frm?

  2. Order from Li Hua 96496220. Cranberry extract from Natures Farm. It is good for urinary infections.

  3. hello. is the cranberry extract from Natures Farm for human consumption?

  4. Yes, dosage for cats is 1/8 of a capsule. Just estimate roughly, pour and then close back the capsule.

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