Scarback missing for a week

Suspected to have been “removed” by the cat-abuser. The Chinese women in her 50s staying at the second floor of Blk *26 had been seen beating the cats… and at one time she was observed trying to hit Pinky! She told someone that she would remove the cats at her void deck and the next day Scarback was missing.

I send sms to a neighbouring caregiver who told me that a limping grey tabby was seen at *37 yesterday. Went to search but did not see any tabby…

I wish that a police report would be made but as usual difficult to get the witnesses to do so…! This woman has to be stopped or Squealer may be next… sigh! SPCA Abuse posters have been pasted at the lift landings and appeal for witnesses pasted all over the place… yet she still continues!

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  1. Yes, your Pinky… the lucky one to be safe now!

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