Nushi had steroid injection

Don’t mess with the Nush!

Her last injection was one year ago…

Nushi was found at the estimated age of 8 years with mouth ulcers and rotting teeth. Now she is about 13 and the queen amongst 19 other cats.

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0 responses to “Nushi had steroid injection

  1. Does she have stomatitis too? My foster cat Hank (who I think will probably be my permanent foster lol) gets injections every 5-6 weeks. When he was at the shelter it was every 2 weeks but now with me he goes about 5-6 weeks… I keep doing research to find a better way but I can’t seem to find a better solution for him.

  2. Hmmm… not sure. I try to delay injections as the steroids are also harmful, but it seems the only thing that really works. My Stitches also needs them but again not that frequently and he is much better now then when he was in the shelter. You could try Chinese Herbs or even things like Manuka Honey… it’s worth it if the frequency of injections can be redused. Let me know if you find something that works well!

  3. I also try to delay the injections but his condition gets so bad that I can’t. A few weeks after the injection he begins to get pain again, like he will be eating and then all of a sudden will run from the food bowl and gag and paw his mouth… it’s so sad, it breaks my heart. He often coughs because he has too much saliva from the sores. We removed all his teeth from his canine teeth back which is supposed to help the condition but it hasn’t really corrected the issue. What Chinese herbs do you recommend? I will have to look into this Manuka Honey – I’ve never heard of it. I would really prefer a more natural method. I was even thinking about speaking to a specialist about removing all his teeth, if he is kept on a diet of wet food I would think it wouldn’t be an issue. I’m not sure but his case seems severe, always excessive drooling and very stinky breath, his eyes also tear and leave brown stains… this poor guy is such a mess! Really breaks my heart but he’s happy, he is in my home now and is loved and comfortable and I’m doing the best I can.

  4. That sounds really quite bad! Is Hank FIV+? Trying to give him bitter herbs may just add to his missery and the effect is not very long lasting. Better try the honey first… I read about removing all teeth and also some kind of new laser treatment. But then if there was no improvement after removing all the molars… removing the rest of the teeth may also not work??? If he really needs the frequent injection then no choice. The improvement in Nushi was almost immediatedly… looking more lively now and asking for food!

  5. Oops… I guess we both deleted one of the double entries at the same time!

  6. I think the honey is to be applied onto the gums…

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