Manja hospitalized


Cali has flu but the good news is that she has started eating. Will probably take her home on Monday.

Manja had vomited several time, either right after feeding, drinking water, or a few hours later… no choice but to hospitalize to give him a chance. He looks weak, pale gums, dehydrated. Manja was put on drip and the vet will do blood test on Monday if he is not improving. Manja had passed 2 or 3 small lumps of hard poo but the vet still felt some lumps and gave him an enema.

Mary came with 9 large containers of chicken, she had made an extra portion of chicken for Cali. The 8 cats from the closing-down shelter are getting better… but still look very thin. Gave some of the soup to Manja… then had to rush off.


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