More complaints at Area 2



The complaint about is about one of the black cats going up to the 2nd floor of Blk *02… will check tomorrow night! Cinderella’s owners staying at the same block also still let their 3 cats defecate on the corridor. TheTC officer told me that he had already informed HDB.

Asked the TC officer how the visit to the Blk *11 family went…

He said the man was quite nasty and denied that they had any cats. I was shocked when the TC officer told me that they had been trying to catch the un-tipped cat but were unable to get her. I had told him that this cat “Kiki” had been sterilized by her owner but was not tipped… and I do believe it’s true as she never got pregnant all these months! The feeder Ah Gek said that someone told her that Mei is also form that family. Which I had already suspected since she was found to have been sterilized already.

Sylvia tells me that Kiki now does not go up anymore but Mei does. Kiki is also easy to catch but may is not. We think that they had been trying to catch Mei who is tipped!!!

I think both Mei and Kiki are in grave danger… but I do not know how I can save them!!! Obviously the owners who abandoned them don’t give a damn!

Also the orange-white male kitten needs to be done quickly… even though TC officer assured me that I could take my time with this one.

He also asked me how many cats are at Blk *10 now. He said 3 is okay but if it’s like 6 or so… then we have to do something. A cat-phobic lady is staying at that block who claims that she is unable to take the lift if there is any cat nearby.


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  1. Spoke to the *02 complainant. She has a phobia of cats… said the black cat came to her front door and was very fierce, fought with her father! That does not sound like Darly or Darky who usually hang around at the other end of this block, and Midnight is a few blocks away. Maybe it was a lost home cat… I asked her to check for tipped ear when she sees the cat again and to call me.

  2. TC officer agreed to give some time for me to speak to the complainant and identify the right cat. The complainant is staying in the unit above the owner… guess the cat was trying to go home and finding the door closed then tried the same unit at the third level.

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