Cats missing from Block *28

Missing since last Friday afternoon

Missing since Friday June 25 noon

The second cat is a tabby/white. He has a special V-shaped tail and is shy and timid.

Both cats belong to residents of Blk *28. They are sterilized males but the b/w cat’s ear is not tipped.

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0 responses to “Cats missing from Block *28

  1. Meowies fyi, a few weeks ago i gotten a call frm 6746189*. the caller quickly mentioned where the location of blacky n hang up immediately. i couldnt catch the words. i traced the call to Ubi… where many pest control companies offices operate. and that’s all my lead ends.

  2. Did you try to call back… find out if this call came from a Pest Control Company? Could also have been a prank call…

  3. i called back, but it’s a working line. couldnt get to speak to anyone. could be prank call. but it wouldnt haf come from ubi because i did not post advert there… the speaker sounded quite firm about it.

  4. Did you go to the location to look for him? You have to be quick because the territorial cats might chase him away. My Rocky was first sighted at around *01 then few days later he was sighted at *18.Find out from CWS if there are caregivers in that area… they can help look out for Blacky. One cat from Yishun was later found in Bedok!

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