Do you know who I am!

Complaint from RC member about a black cat loitering in front of his unit at the 5th floor (Blk *70 area 3).

Sylvia recalled her encounter with this particular RC member and his wife about a year ago.. He threatened to kill the cat if he sees it again… and kept asking Sylvia “Do you know who I am!” and boasted that he could just call Town Council and have all the cats removed.

On an other occasion his wife told the mother of Sylvia’s friend to stop feeding the cats or she would call the police.

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  1. Threaten to complain this RC to PA as he is NOT doing his duty as indicated here: functions of the Committee are:(a) to promote good citizenship among residents in the Constituency;(b) to disseminate information and channel feedback on government policies and actions from residents in the Constituency;(c) to lead and co-ordinate projects and activities at the constituency and national levels; and(d) to recommend to the Community Improvement Projects Committee to provide amenities and facilities in the Constituency.and also complain that he abuses his position as RC member!

  2. File a complaint of this RC member and asked that he be removed! He is disgrace to the government and to the people!! He seems to have forgotten that being RC is to serve ALL residents and not to push his weight around for his own agenda!!Publish his name and address! The notice board has the particulars of ALL RC members!

  3. Complaints can be sent to Lee Hsien LoongDeputy Chairman:Mr Lim Boon Hengemail addresses can be found here:

  4. Sylvia will check to confirm whether he or his wife is the RC member.

  5.“As a resident at your constituency, I am utterly disappointed with yourwork as our MP. In addition, your Grassroots consist of selfish peoplewho thinks of their own interest. At many Grassroots events, it is… nothard to see all the Grassroots members laden with freebies and spreadingit amongst themselves. Blatant misuse of the Resident’s CommitteeOffice at 527 Jurong West Street 52 is also a common sight with yourGrassroots members using it for their ‘gossip sessions’ – mocking atresident’s problems and even bragging about being a PAP member in whichnothing would happen to them even if they do something wrong.”

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