Chocolate has been abandoned

Heard that his owner has stopped feeding him and asked his customers at the Mamak Shop block *19 whether they want to take him. Poor Chocolate was so hungry and finished up 2 plate-fulls.


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  1. Spoke to the son of the shop owner today. He said that those rumors were not true and that they take good care of Jumpok…. feed him every morning.

  2. Hi Helga, it’s true and not rumors :)One uncle even brought Chocolate home for 2 days but cannot cope with him so released him again. The resident that told me is a couple staying on the 4th floor above the senior citizen’s corner and they are currently feeding these 3 cats (Ah Black, Timmy and Choc) every other night. Choc will run to me for food which never is the case previously so must be hungry cos no food.

  3. Me too noticed that he is more hungry! Why not talk to the shop owner… see what he says!

  4. Most of the time, I only see the wife around and she doesn’t understand English well and also after the last incident when I kept asking her to bring Choc to see a vet, she’s already very weary of me. I find that it’s no point talking to him anyway as I understand the story of Choc from another resident that he actually belongs to the earlier shop owner. When this Indian took over the shop, he just let the cat stay on and carry on feeding him as he was left behind. If he decides to give him up now for whatever reason(maybe he’s broke n worry that he can’t afford anymore medical fees) he’ll simply tell us the above story or worse still, he might just relocate the cat to somewhere else. Since you have no problem dealing wif him all along maybe you can try talking to him to find out more and I really look forward that he says it’s only rumours 🙂

  5. Couldn’t find him today…

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