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Update on Lady Blue

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Maddy & Muddy


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A Fatty

Another ‘Pregnant Tipped-Ear’?

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Update on Rain

Rain at Loving Pets counter

SY updates:

“Fur was so smooth so we didnt want to shave down, just bathed, manicured, cleaned ears n perfumed 🙂

At Loving Pets, so many admirers n he is super good with human. can leave him at the counter n he will just stay there 🙂 can be Mascot for any shop front.

Helga was right his patch of grey is from the car engine, now he s peach color, he looks like a CHINCHILA CAT! :)”

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Surprise in the letterbox

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June 17, 2010 · 9:29 pm

Copper to the vet again

Copper had another injection and is now on different antibiotics.

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Great Pretenders

Dawn slowly inching closer to Nushi’s special mix of kibbles while pretending not to be interested… but Nushi is not fooled!

Fussy Nushi will get whatever she will eat… and it has to be served on the mat, even the wet food!

Earlier was watching Bunny jump up onto the sewing machine not realizing that Orange Boy was sitting there. Both shocked and don’t know what to do! So both looking the other way and then OB yawning and very slowly stretching his legs and moving away a little. Normally Bunny will whack whoever comes too close… me included.

Seems Nushi and Tommy are prone to constipation. Had given laxative to both of them yesterday. Tommy was meowing and wildly digging in his litter trays… managed to topple one… but finally a big poo was delivered! Nushi walked all over the room trying to poo. I was really worried… she even vomited a little. Then finally she managed to get it out.. but it had to be on my bed… sigh! Never a dull day with cats!

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