Update from Lala’s adopters

Part of adopter’s email:

How have you been? First of, Thank You for letting us adopt Lala 🙂 We have since renamed her Pumpkin, as she is exactly the shade of a orangey pumpkin..

And as you can see, she has since filled out, let’s hope she doesn’t get as round as a pumpkin. She is about 4.5kg now..

These are some new pictures that we took of her recently. She has a very peculiar habit of tucking herself comfortably under the sheets and usurping my bed , as you can see from the pictures. Usually, I’ll have to carry her down, and explain to her that it’s not her bed. LOL

Thank you for having such a Big heart and caring for these cats which will otherwise be unloved and left to die. Thanks to you- We now have a sweet, manja and very vocal furball… She is so well-behaved, always purring and such a sweetheart!

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0 responses to “Update from Lala’s adopters

  1. What a beauty she has become! Thick healthy fur, colours intensified 🙂

  2. One of the blessed ones :0)

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