Update on Rain

Rain at Loving Pets counter

SY updates:

“Fur was so smooth so we didnt want to shave down, just bathed, manicured, cleaned ears n perfumed šŸ™‚

At Loving Pets, so many admirers n he is super good with human. can leave him at the counter n he will just stay there šŸ™‚ can be Mascot for any shop front.

Helga was right his patch of grey is from the car engine, now he s peach color, he looks like a CHINCHILA CAT! :)”


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0 responses to “Update on Rain

  1. Do you have the contact for Jane, i may need her services for my 2 monster šŸ™‚ Four of them born together but two of them are long haired; i need help with the trimming of the fur growing out of their paws šŸ™‚

  2. I think Loving Pets is somewhere in the East. It should be on the list of Pet shops that don’t sell animals… but I can’t find the list :p You can try trimming quickly while they are asleep.

  3. Loving Pets is at 158, East Coast Road. Tel: 63461286. It’s in between the Holy Family Church and what used to be Katong Mall. It’s also next to the Mount Pleasant East clinic.

  4. Thanks for the info, xw šŸ™‚

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