Limping Kitten with stapled ears

Someone spotted a limping white kitten with its ears stapled at Block 239 Yishun! Caregivers from nearby areas have been searching for the kitten for 2 days now. At least 8 people took turns… but no sight of the kitten. Later a shopkeeper heard plaintive meowing from near the rubbish dump at 238….still no luck!

I made several rounds on bicycle after midnight. Saw this white cat looking intensely at something under a car…. I checked but there was nothing…


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  1. This drainage has sub-drainage system. There is possibility cats are hiding there. Many weeks ago, while feeding a cat, I heard meowing of a cat. Soon a Ginger kitten was spotted inside a drainage. Some cat food was placed inside the drainage but it did not eat and disappeared. I took a closer look and noticed the drainage system ran deeper and complicated than it looked on the surface.

  2. Very difficult once they are in the drain… also difficult to locate as the echo can be misleading.

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