Sick of Town Council officers

It’s almost 3 weeks and I should have replied. They didn’t give a deadline this time but I know it’s one week…

Will have to do it one of these days…

The complaint is about defecation in front of a certain unit on the 11th floor and the complainant suspects that the cat belongs to either one of two units on the 5th floor.

I asked Sylvia ( who is feeding the cats in Area 3) to check it out first and then we will see the complainant together if necessary.

I know Sylvia is the very conscientious kind and she actually went there every day either morning or late at night. She tells me the area is very clean, no smell at all and no cat sighted… for almost 3 weeks!!! No cats seen at the two units on the 5th floor and the community cats don’t go up.

The officer could have simply checked with the cleaners, to make sure it’s not a made-up complaint before contacting CWS!


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  1. Such town council officers should be politely told off that they were to learn from CWS and caregivers on how to investigate and resolve problems on their own and NOT push every complaint about cats to caregivers taking advantage that “caregivers will be whipped to work as we can always threaten them with removal of cats!”There is a CWS protocol (produced during Dawn Kua’s time) that can be forwarded to town council officers to guide them on how to gather appropriate information to resolve complaints.In the case of free roaming upstairs cats, the complaints should be engaged to resolve the issue by tracing and identifying the source of the cats. Often than not, complainants know fully well where the cats came from but to “maintain neighbourliness” refuse to be the “bad people” to expose the culprits. Cleaners too are able to identify the sources of free roaming home cats.Effectiveness of educating such irresponsible cat owners can be increased by engaging the help of the Inspector from the SPCA or if one is fortunate enough, have a “cat friendly’ HBD officers who will speak to the owners to keep the cats indoor. Such “officialness” may scare some of these irresponsible owners to comply.Use such examples to show why the cat ban is in fact encouraging irresponsible cat ownership and put the blame on HDB!!

  2. Thanks gymgarfield and jasywasy! I need to settle my feelings a bit before replying… or it may not be so polite.

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