New Novena Kitten

Will bring her for sterilisation on Monday… sponsored by Tuna’s guardian who feeds the Novena cats. I need my last voucher for Muddy’s girlfriend… but this little ginger girl looks already 6 months old… so cannot wait. Lucky she is tame and not heavy because I can’t carry heavy cats and traps anymore’… and it’s a long way to the bus stop.

Hope she is safe… because she likes to stay at the church grounds. Hope they don’t start trapping again!


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0 responses to “New Novena Kitten

  1. Just got her in time… she was already on heat… Sadie too.

  2. Look like my Amber baby. Short stumpy tail too. Thanks for sterilising it, Meowies.

  3. She is very sweet, too!

  4. Oh, good to hear. They say a Ginger has a less chance of being a girl, chromosome issue. Btw, It’s pouring now, I can’t do my feeding.

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