Tommy looks slightly jaundiced

He took 1/4 cup of Avoderm (syringed)… will try to give him the Hepavite liver-support later. So far no vomiting.


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  1. Liver issues, pls refrain from giving tap water till he recovers.You may give distilled water for his drinking needs. Distilled water will ease the workload for the liver. 1.5 litre of distilled water costs between 80cents and $1.90. 🙂

  2. Thanks, just bought a bottle and also new supply of syringes. Fed him 3x so far… food stays in but no pee or poo yet.

  3. My two cats, Chewy and Gulf, both old cats, were once diagnosed as liver failure n ‘super yellow’ for the latter. During their medication treatment periods, they were strictly on distilled water n low protein dry food. I gave Chewy some human grade fishes n chicken breasts meat occasionally to let her apetite kicked in. They have recovered.

  4. Pee & poo today… but in his bed instead of the litterbox. He is young so I hope his body can repair with rest, good nourishment and Hepavite liver support.

  5. Tommy seems slightly more yellow. He took some Avoderm kibbles today. Syringe-feeding him 1 can of Avoderm a day diluted with distilled water and one capsule of Hepavite. There has been no vomiting… pee and poo normal.

  6. Brought Tommy to the vet today. He gave him a vitamin injection and a 10 day course of doxy just in case it’s caused by a viral infection… and also a short course of predni (5mg 2x a day for 2 days then once a day for 4 days). Will have to find time to bring another cat to the vet soon. She has lost so much weight because eating is too painful… maybe FIV? Really can’t take her in but at least will get her the injections so that she can eat!The feeders won’t bring her… and they didn’t even tell me. I only discovered it when I went to the area to speak to a complainant.

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