Ike & Oki bad news

Ike and Oki developed a skin problem shortly after the second time I used Selsun to bathe them. There was black stuff all over Ike’s legs and under his chin. It is more difficult to see this on Oki but I felt the roughness under his chin… so I knew he was also affected.

I applied some some Frontline on Ike’s legs… thinking he might have picked up some mites during the time he was lost outside. By the next day it had spread to more parts of Ike’s body and he also felt hot.

Brought them both to the vet who confirmed that Ike had a high temperature. No sign of mites and no fungus was detected under the light. The vet couldn’t tell what it was. The technician then examined a sample under the microscope and said it was fungus. I was advised to continue bathing with Malaseb and also to apply Frontline and see a skin specialist in Clementi if it does not improve. I bought both but then decided not to apply the Frontline until they are better and just continue the bathing.

When the vet examined Oki he found that he has a heart problem…. and seems there is nothing that can be done about it. Sterilization would be risky….

Both are still eating and Ike looks a bit livelier today. I think the fever went down.

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  1. Oh dear! Get well soon guys.

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