Ike has been found

… with the help of M and her sharp ears!

At about 11pm I seemed to hear a soft meow but could not hear it anymore when I went downstairs, so I thought must have imagined it. Then I saw M downstairs. She had also heard the soft cries. We decided to start the search at the top floor of the neighbouring Block. I had actually searched there before but only the lower corridors.

When we reached the top floor we heard him and there he was…hiding near the gap in the wall. I quickly scooped him up! He could have fallen… Ike is not the smartest! Earlier when I had observed him downstairs at one time he was lying next to the shallow drain then he suddenly rolled over and dropped into the drain.

Ike and Oki have been transferred to a big cage. Found this cage downstairs one of the nights when I was watching them. It looked unused and was nicely folded and tied up… unlikely to be linked to any abandonment.

Gave Ike a bath with Selsun and it seems to be more effective then the Malaseb Shampoo from the vet. I was a bit worried using this medicated shampoo which is meant for humans but it was ok… no foaming at the mouth or vomiting. Will use it again for both Ike and Oki in 2 days time to make sure the ringworm is totally gone… and not spreading to the other cats.

Please note that I do not recommend the use of Selsun on cats! Both kittens developed a skin problem and fever shortly after the 2nd bath with Selsun. Of course I can’t be sure that there is a connection… but it seems likely!


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0 responses to “Ike has been found

  1. Nizoral shampoo can also be used.

  2. Yes Nizoral is good but difficult to find these days

  3. I can imagine how not street savvy Ike is with the drop into the drain part-funny and ironic of a home cat.I apply neem oil on ringworm, messy but it works.

  4. I know neem oil is good… must go to Little India to get new supply!

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