The feeder saw the Chinese man who is known to her.

Two caregivers from other areas went down to check on the cat and to persuade the feeder to make a police report…. she refused! Her logic “If I report then he will beat more cats!?.

The cat was a newly abandoned white-and-tabby. It later went into hiding.

The feeder says that the Chinese man who lives at Block 800 wanted to stroke the cat and was scratched. He then beat the cat repeatedly using a drink can. He hit the cat so hard that the can was flattened! According to the feeder a women walking by with her son remarked “This cat so stupid, let the man beat… why don’t run away!?

Perhaps the abuser is of unsound mind… but what I don’t understand is WHY DID THE FEEDER AND THE WOMAN WHO PASSED BY DO NOTHING TO STOP HIM !!!

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0 responses to “CAT ABUSED AT KHATIB

  1. That is the problem; these cats did not ask to be stroke, they did not ask to be touch; just leave them alone; why hit them and it is because of people like this idiot that these cats will need to protect themselves when they are touched. And not reporting this case does not guarantee this idiot will not repeat his action. What’s wrong with this feeder?

  2. Please let me know when the tabby is found and he needs vet attention. I will sponsor. He might need a temporary shelter instead of being released back.

  3. I could never understand too, why people can just stand by and watch and not do anything in such situations??? Fear rules them but they don’t realise their fear will not protect the cats!

  4. And neither will their fear protect them 😦

  5. Sylvia has been looking for the abused cat… but could not be found. The feeder is also supposed to call me if she sees the cat.I don’t understand the attitude of some feeders…. but I guess we have to accept them as they are and not forget the good things they have done! If this feeding lady had not told Sylvia about the abuse of Orange Boy at the coffee shop where she was working that time then my OB would not be alive today!

  6. Meowies> I’ve just met a dog owner who has been seen by another feeder throwing a shoe/slipper at a mother cat and its kitten. Days ago, this old man challenged me to sue him over his unleashed dog. See link.!/group.php?gid=326978783698&ref=ts

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